Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Summer Time

     The official start of summer. The official start of Forced Family Fun! Woohoo! Nothing gives me the warm and fuzzies like a three and a half our car ride with the whole fam damily and the smelly beasts! Actually, it's not that bad! The hardest part for me is truly the sitting and potential stiff, painful legs.  I'm hoping that since I am feeling better it won't be such an issue this trip!

  So here's to bloody Mary breakfasts, boat drink lunches, and cold beer dinners! That's just part of the fun! Boat rides, fishing off the dock, and watching my crazy boys jump off the dock for the first time into the freezing cold lake!  These are the things memories are made of. Big breakfasts made by the hubs, hot dog lunches on the beach, and late evening bbq dinner with smores for dessert! Those are my favorites, because I have to do barely any of the cooking!

   Even better than that is grandma & grandpa! They are the best.  When I need to rest or if I over due it they are always there to pitch in with the boys. Fixing tangled fishing poles, playing baseball, or handing out chores so they can earn their keep.  The hubs and I also enjoy them. We have fun watching the Tigers games, playing Euchre, catching up on politics and just hanging out. They really do treat me more like a daughter than an in-law and for that I am so lucky! Mom ( I call my in-laws Mom & Dad) always revels in my direct parenting style and shares her concerns about how I do it all with Lupus. It's nice to tell her, it's only feasible because of the amazing son she raised. And just about everything the boys do Dad tears up because they are all the apple of his eye!

   This is not a "bragging blog" or "look how lucky I am" statement. What it is, is me finally being able to see the forest for the trees and be happy. I'm not worried about the what if's when we are there. It is my little piece of fantasy land where my children can run like wild monkeys, the hubs can nap in the hammock and I can go for a run in woods! We sing country music loud, make raging fires, and forget about work, school, sports, and most importantly Lupus!

  Can't wait to share the stories and pictures when I get back! I'm so excited to start taking pictures again! My sappy and happiness is just disgustingly overwhelming! It's certain to at least dial down a notch once we get in the car and the littles start asking how long til we are there and  the dog starts stinking up the car! But that is life, well mine at least, and I feel very fortunate for all I have despite Lupus.

Take Care of You

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