Monday, May 6, 2013

Binging and Purging....

     For reals, let's clear this up right away, this is not me coming out with an eating disorder!  First, I like food & cooking way to much for all that nonsense! The size of my ass is a true testament to that! Second, I have enough health issues going on to add one more to it! I'm pretty sure if I started claiming eating disorders as well, people would either start calling "bullshit" or commit me for Munchausen.

     After my trip to the doctor on Friday, I wrote a sappy blog, had a minor emotional meltdown,  talked with a great friend,drank a bottle of Cabernet and took a shower . I felt so much better!  Dare I say, almost human! The hubs and I talked that night about what we could do this weekend around the house that would make me "feel better".  Since, I was talking smack about make the weekend my bitch, he figured we better optimize all the energy I thought I had. Two of the major things that needed to be done was swap the boys close from the fall/winter to the spring/summer and put away the laundry that had been accumulated over the last few weeks that I hadn't felt good. Being in a flare for as long as I have some times feels like the zombie apocalypse I grumble ,sleep, and look like death warmed over.  I figured those two chores would make me feel accomplished and like a contributing member of the human race.

   Saturday morning with coffees in hand we head to the attic to start pulling things out of storage. I first make the hubs promise that no judgments will be passed on me as we sort clothes out.  For the record, four boys accumulate a lot of things. Especially when their mother is a binge buyer. When it was all said and done there were a few things I noticed. I had enough soccer shorts to dress a team or six.  I apparently feel the same way about baseball pants because there are probably major league teams that do not have as many pairs as the boys do.  Finally, I have some obsessive need to purchase bathing suits because between the boys the least amount one has is three and the most one has his eight. The other two fall some where between there. Either way, there are a lot of swim trunks in this house!

     The season swap was done!  I was only slightly tired and seriously embarrassed at the fact I was feeling guilty because the boys "had nothing to wear". The things I let myself obsess over when I should be resting is ridiculous!  With all that done I felt good enough on Sunday to do some shopping and get some groceries. Trying to avoid putting away the mountain of clothes that a family of 6 make. I went into my room ( where the baskets were) to take a nap.  They were taunting me. My brain would not shut the hell up.  It kept saying things like "how can you rest in a mess like this" and "what if your mother-in-law saw this".  Obviously, my brain is a selfish bitch and didn't realize I needed a nap. In order to quiet the bitch in my head I started purging my drawers. Then I did the same thing to my closet.  If I'm going to put all the clothes away they got to go somewhere.

     After my amazingly cleansing purge, there was an enormous amount of space to put stuff away. Until my binge issue came back to the fore front.  I apparently think that tanks and cami's must be bought by the dozen. Because I have at least three dozen of them.  I also have a serious love for running shorts, yoga pants, and jammies. I did truly get rid of a lot, donated almost all of it , and hid just a few things. ( An infant Speedo, a pair of baby socks, a Lion King winter hat, and a ripped up tank from Vegas) I had to draw the line on some things!

    After my super productive weekend, I have sore everything. But it was worth it.  Still waiting on Dr.C to call with the results of my lab work. I'm not going to let that bother me though! I finally got that bossy bitch inside my head to shut up, so I'm going to take a nap.

Take Care of You...

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  1. So glad u had a productive weekend and rthe bitch in ur head shutup long enough for u to nap. Xxx