Monday, December 26, 2016

Feeding your soul with food of love.

     Here's the blog about why I need to do this thing.  I'm not sure what I'm even calling this thing.  There is one thing I know!  For as long as I can remember ,  I suck at being an emotionally vulnerable supportive person to just about everyone of the people I love and care about. What I don't suck at, is feeding them !  Your cat dies, I will make you a lasagna.  Your baby daddy is sleeping with your sister, I will make you white chicken chili.  You have a tooth ache, give birth, commit a felony or have a teenager, I will make you the baddest ass chicken noodle soup you have ever eaten! I can't watch Gilmore Girls or Lifetime movies,cry and hold your hand.  I suck at expressing how sorry I am when you are grieving the loss of your favorite lip gloss or the love your life.  I can however tell you how you need to pull your shit together, eat these delish things and get over yourself, him, her, them or whatever else that has your feelings butt hurt and standing on the edge of  a Ben & Jerry's bender. Feeding your soul matters!

     Feeding your soul matters!  Food is one of those things that when prepared with all the things in your heart and mind can heal even the worst of problems.  I realized how much taking care of people and feeding them well made me feel, when I became a mom.  I was young, dumb & mixed up about a lot of things,  But when I fed my oldest for the first time, it was magical!  He loved mangoes, strawberries, Thai food, hummus & just about any other food I made for him.  It felt so good. My heart was happy and I didn't think about the other trials and tribulations of being a lost 19 year old new mom. It was our thing!

     You can also starve your soul for a long time.  I also realized that Shortly after my second son was a little over a year old.  I lost my mom, tragically and unexpectedly.  I had no coping mechanisms or support.  I gave up on myself, my kids, my health and theirs.  I ate terribly. I drank a lot.  I let people I thought that loved me and my sons "help me" with taking care of them.  Because I just couldn't. It was my first tip-toe into letting food comfort me and them.  Not good food. Not healthy choices.  Not soul food.  Subsequently, I had one son who was eating well but now wouldn't.  My other son would eat frozen pancakes, chicken nuggets (of only one brand), grilled cheese and fries.  Complete nightmare.  I  was a hot mess internally and externally!  We were starving , in away I can explain.

     I had my light bulb moment! It took way longer than it should have, but I got it! It took a divorce, marrying my best friend, 2 more amazing sons, a handful of autoimmune disease diagnosis's, a laundry list of prescriptions medications and dozens of peaks and valleys!  My life was changed over a 6month process.  It started with Wheat Belly , By William Davis .  That helped a lot, with a lot of things but I still needed more.  I read a bunch of Paleo books and loved it.  Then I found the "cure" for me in Whole 30.  It was so damn hard! 30 days of planning, prepping , and fighting my negative self image. I've done a lot worse things for more than 30 days and none of them made me happy, strong, full, 50lbs lighter and off 8 medications.  That my friends is food of love!

     Food of love had me present for everything.  Games, practices, races, socializing and genuinely better.  However, it is also easy to slip back into old habits and bad behaviors when you can give yourself more excuses than you should.  I'm essentially back at the starting block & ready to jump in with an 80/20 eating, meal prep service for anyone who wants to do it with me! My menu will be posted on a Facebook Page on Thursday.  Orders can be placed until noon on Saturday.  Pick ups will be on Mondays!  I will be posting on my FB page about the food prep and getting back on my running training plan.  NOTHING makes me happier than being able to cook healthy, organic, always gluten free, mainly Paleo and almost Whole 30 compliant food for people! I want this life change for life.  Not 30 days, not one year but forever!  The accountability of having people counting on me to help them make healthy good choices in my yummy food, is the best thing ever!

Keep your eye open for Soul Food of Love FB page and your invitation to join me!

Take Care of you......

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Take care of you and you...and you too...

     So, there was this one time, a "friend" told me how being 39 was going to be her year. Running, eating clean, feeling great and living , not just existing.  She started out really strong.  Things seemed to be right on track with her ideas of the best year ever.  Slowly but not on purpose, she forgot to make herself a priority. When I, I mean "she" didn't take the time to take care of herself a snowball effect just rolled right over.  She sat down and asked herself, what it was going to take to straighten this out.  I've listened to her time & time again. I have high hopes that she will remember that she is worth it and that not only does she deserve it.  But so does her family.

      It is so easy to preach from the cheap seats.  It is impossible to explain to people how hard it is to admit to yourself that YOU put YOU in this spot. YOU  gave up on the things that make YOU better.  This is incredibly humbling and somewhat embarrassing that I confess the "sins" I've committed against myself and the ones who love me .  Having said all that, it is the exact kick in the ass I needed to pull myself together.  Much of that credit goes to my lobster, best friend, pain in the ass , caller of my bs and husband, Kevin.  If he didn't pester and nag the me, I probably wouldn't be able to share this new venture I'm tip toeing into.

     Most of you know that I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, Celiac's disease and depression.  I have experienced both ends of the spectrum with all my issues. Extreme highs & lows were only put into perspective for me when I did my first Whole 30.  It was a life changing process to see how food was exacerbating all of my problems.  Since then, I have tossed around the idea of making and selling gluten free, healthy ,home cooked meal choices that taste good and make people feel better.  Lots of ups & downs, starts & stops, rough drafts & game plans have gone into me doing this! But I did it,  I came up with a first menu. It makes me nauseated and nervous but I'm running with it.

     The pressure, the pressure of a name.....That's where I'm at. Quoting lines from Pretty Woman in hopes of figuring out what to call this so I can make a Facebook page.  Help! I promise if your suggestion or help, gets me to naming this little adventure, I'll give you some free food love! Pinky Swear!

       The over all game plan is this, I'll put out a menu on Thursday. Orders will be taken until Saturday at noon. Then pick up of your orders will be available Sunday evening & Monday.  My first menu will be posted with this blog and I will make a Facebook page.  The first orders will not go out until New Years Day! I look forward to sharing the ups and downs of this and the rest of my crazy life in the New Year! 

Going back to school for health coach & dietetics are in my future! Should be entertaining at least.  Nothing screams fun like an almost 40 year old going back to college! Please give me as much feedback as possible! Thank You!

Take Care of You.....

Menu  10/29-1/5

We have been specializing in cooking for our big family for over a decade.  Deciding to offer friends, family and anyone interested in trying our healthy approach on home cooking has something we have been mulling over since I did my first Whole 30, over a year ago.  You can expect everything to be organic, fresh and gluten free.  A new menu will go out on Thursday. All orders must be in by Saturday at noon.  Meals/products can be picked up twice a week on Sundays from 4-9pm & Monday from 7-9am, 4-9pm. Payments can be made via PayPal or cash at pick up! Specify your form of payment & I will send an invoice!

Salads:                                                                    Price:

·        Anti-Pasta                                                                                                      $7
Ham, salami, provolone, chickpeas on a bed of veggies
and greens with a Dijon and red wine vinaigrette
·        Chicken Salad                                                                                                $7
Chunk chicken with celery, onions, hardboiled eggs, mayo
With romaine lettuce cups

Small bytes and snacks:

·        Lemony Humus                                                                                             $7
Chick peas, lemon juice, tahini, olive juice with crudité
·        Protein Bars                                                                                                  $12/$18
Oats, flaxseed, natural almond & peanut butter, coconut oil,
shredded coconut, bananas, dates, chocolate
·        Egg Muffins                                                                                     $6.50/6 10$/12
Eggs, veggies & chicken breakfast sausage


·        Vegetable soup                                                               7$/qt. 15$/whole pot
All the veggies in a tomato broth
·        Stuffed Green Pepper                                                    7$/qt. 15$/whole pot
Exactly as it sounds!!!      


·        Roasted chicken w/root veggies                                           8$/per 28$/family
·        Stuffed Cabbage                                                                                        8$/per 28$/family