Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

     Sunday Funday used to be a lot more fun, but not so much anymore! Meds day moved to Sunday...Boo! Used to be after the "chore whore" part of the day was done, Sunday turned into my double fisting bloody Mary's and sports watching all day. Those days are damn near nil. I'm a sad girl. But apparently, it's the wiser, grown up, healthy Lupus patient, momma, wife, and queen bitch thing to do. Instead, I'm delegating my chores to the spawn!

     I'm making a list and checking it twice but these boys ( even the wee one) will be playing the role I usually do. The more I think about it, I'm feeling less guilty for treating them like help. They don't mind treating me that way!  I am one person. I am the only female person. I make one set of dishes and generally don't make a lot of laundry(jammers and yoga pants are maybe one load). I never pee on the seat and I don't play baseball. So, there should be no reason I clean up all their mess today! They can do it!

    I did exactly what the hubs said "Get out of the kitchen Erin and Go to bed"! I left the list of chores for the boys and the grocery list for the hubs. He's a better shopper than me anyway. I over spend. I blame it on brain fog but I just really over buy. I've taken my meds and getting comfy in my "dungeon of darkness" to watch creepy criminal investigations. I'm hell bent on not getting involved in the screaming and bitching I can hear the boys doing. It will get done. It will be better for everybody and hopefully if all things go well, I'll feel good enough later for  the hub's homemade chicken parmesan and a glass of red wine!

Take Care of You

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