Monday, June 29, 2015

Wrapping up the Whole 30

     Officially, I am 5 days post Whole 30.  It's finally feeling like summer and I feel outstanding!  My accomplishments with the Whole 30 were this.... I lost 5 prescription medications for my Lupus and its side effects.  I have learned so much about what is in foods that I thought were "good for me" like gluten free substitutes for pasta,crackers,cereal etc.  I no longer want sugar unless it is from natural sources.  My energy levels are the best I can remember. I don't need a nap everyday and my night sleeping is so sound. I have been able to hang out and play with the boys.  I also lost 18 pounds.  I know that is a significant amount.  I also know that this is a long journey and not a sprint for me.  Becoming aware of that and my twisted relationship with food and alcohol is my favorite lesson I learned through the Whole 30.

     I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who uses food and alcohol to soothe themselves.  I also do it to "fix" everybody else.  If things get hard, uncomfortable or emotional , I will gladly whip up a 17lb lasagna and open as many bottles of wine it takes.  I will do what ever needs to be done to avoid dealing with mine or anybody else around me, when they are upset.  I thought for sure getting fed and tipsy was just what the doctor ordered.  Apparently, I was wrong.  Instead, over the last 30+ days I have cried, argued, put myself in time out and rationally discussed all kinds of things.  It was crazy hard but one of the most important things I learned about myself! So, yeah me!

     Now that I am free to eat all the things, I can't.  I can not bring myself to just let loose and get gluttonous with food.  I have decided to eat pretty close to Paleo & Whole 30 with a little tweaking.  And by tweaking I mean booze &  some cheese.  I can not imagine not having feta & goat cheese.  I love those things & they make other food just so much tastier.  For the sake of my sanity and my family's well being I will have to have wine & vodka! Not in the same drink , but for relaxation & yummy goodness.  I love a nice Pinot Noir at the end of the night! I need a vodka & lemonade on the boat! Those little things that make life slightly less hard are not going to steal my health!  I never want to let Lupus and how it effects me be because of how I treat my body, EVER AGAIN!

    So, this is my accountability post! I am going to continue running, eating well & enjoying my summer.  We have so much fun planned as a family & just the hubs and I.  I am going to thoroughly enjoy all the the things that July has in-store for us. I'm going to promise to try hard to not over think everything and wonder when the other shoe will drop.  I won't let Lupus control my brain and creep in with the negative nagging of knowing that there is no cure.  I will never be able to say I "used" to have Lupus, but what I can do is go into remission. I can tell everybody & everyone about how I  "used" to feel and how much it controlled my participation in my life.  I will be able to show off how I am living life to its fullest in spite of Lupus!  Whole 30 round 2 starts August 1 2015! Anybody that loves themselves and the people around them can do this! 30 days can change your life!.

Take care of you ....

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