Tuesday, June 2, 2015

8 days in and the struggle is real!

      It's the second day of June and the Whole 30 struggle is real! I am officially half way through my eighth day and I want to kill something or eat all the things!  My resting bitch face has become my permanent expression for the entire day.  Nobody gets me. I'm misunderstood. The kids are laughing too loud. I want to stab the hubs for clicking the mouse to much.  It's infuriating the way that the "middle" has to walk around with ear buds all the time.  Why do the dogs smell so much, like dogs?  Yes! This is the status of my mental well being at this moment.  I would give my oldest away for a piece of cheese and a glass of Cabernet. ( I'd actually just give him away for nothing, Just as secure no return policy.)

     That is a little dramatic and highly exaggerated, but it is some of the down side to the Whole 30.  I am definitely detoxing.  I am definitely moody and edgy! I am definitely ready to get sized up for my prison orange coveralls.  But that is just today!  There is the upside to this.  The last 8 days have not been like this at all.  Other than a slight headache on and off since I started, I have felt amazing!  I have had more energy. I've been able to enjoy my runs again.  I'm sleeping like a teenager ( like all the time).  I am enjoying some of the most amazing foods and drinking all the water I need.  My joints don't ache.  My heart is not palpitating.  I'm not nearly as swollen. My Celiacs isn't flaring up. My skin is brighter. In general, this is the best I have felt in more than two years. And that my friends scares the absolute life out of me.

     When you live with Lupus and other auto-immune diseases it is terrifying when you feel good.  I start to question everything and wait with anticipation for the other shoe to drop.  I try to be cautious with my spike in energy because I am afraid of over doing it and putting my self in a flare.  I pay way to much attention to the good sore that comes with increasing my workouts. Constantly wondering is this the beginning of days of pain filled sleepless nights.  It is scary to feel good.  The saving grace to this is my amazing cast of characters that support me and keep me in touch with reality!

     My support system is one of a kind and my biggest blessing.  It ranges from my amazing hubs and family, to my girlfriends who always know when to talk me out of my crazy!  With out all of them I'd be a Whole 30 drop out and mad at myself, for sure!  Although, it would be nice if someone accidentally slipped a little vino in my water bottle! I received a Get Well soon card from the Merchants of Vino. Their store has seen a drastic dip in profits the last week and they assumed I was ill! I kid! I kid!

     I have been taking pictures of some of the amazing food that the hubs and I have been making.  I will share them with you and if you are interested in recipes just give me a shout out! This journey isn't easy and the struggle is real! But I have a feeling that the end results are going to be worth it all!
Take care of you....

Fajita Salad

Brick Chicken ,roasted potatoes & Greek-ish salad

Bolognese zucchini boats with tabbouleh

Chicken Salad 

Roast Turkey Breast with root veggies & sweet potatoes

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