Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yeah for Summer, I think.....

     Yeah, it's the first week of summer vacation! Womp Womp Womp!  Last week I got the grandeur idea that we would spend our first weekend of break,  up at the lake house! Take the whole fam damily , bring my brothers-from-another mother, drink boat drinks, have campfires, play hard, and enjoy the fresh air! When will I ever learn?  Two days before we leave I knew it, fever , back pain, blah, blah,blah,. I won a kidney infection! Woohoo! But, antibiotic and even more sunscreen I should be fine! Dr.C also prescribed me a non-steroidal stronger anti-inflammatory, hoping that will relieve my sausage fingers and Miss Piggy bloated face. Yeah for all those things! Boo that it makes me feel like a narcoleptic! Take it and I'm out mid sentence!  But I'm on it! These things won't stop me! I've got Super Lupus powers!

     Ha! What a fucking joke! The day we are leaving I'm fighting with hubs. He wants me to stay home.  He swears he can handle it all, I know he can.  He wants me to take the 3 days and rest. I use my go to answer, "Just let me take a nap. I'll feel better when I get up?". That's such a crock of shit! A nap doesn't cure anything but tiredness. It doesn't make joint pain, T-rex  retching, or kidney infections miraculously go! But damn it! I'm going to try! The hubs and the boys took the beasts to be boarded, packed the car, stocked the cooler and gassed up the monster truck.  All was ready, and the hubs asked me one last time, what was I going to do?

     Of course, I'm going.  Who will take the pictures? What if the littlest finally decides to tube?  What if the biggest fish in the lake gets caught? I knew if I stayed home I would lay in bed, feel sorry for myself, text the hubs every 5 minutes for a play by play of what was going on.  So, I'm going. We pack in to the monster truck and head off.  The hubs is always so good and patient. We stop to stretch. I'm still not feeling good but I'm going to fake it til I make it.  The kids are beyond thrilled and that makes it worth it. Right?

     Arrival to the lake is always beautiful! There is truly nothing more peaceful than the fresh air and a still lake.  Boys unpacked everything. Immediately take to the dock, the sand, the fishing, and hammock swinging commences.  This is when the hubs and I crack a beer, cheers each other for not going insane in the car, and realize how lucky we are to have a place like this!  Well, not so much. Lupus, that joy stealing crotch, raging her ugly ways. I hug the hubs and go to our room.  I just couldn't fake it anymore. I have to lay down. I'm nauseated, my feet are frozen in pain, nothing seems to be working right and the brain fog is beyond functioning.  I'm glad my little brother- from- another- mother is around to give the hubs someone to talk to because I'm down for the count!

     The weekend went on as usual! Everyone had fun and I peeked in and out every chance I could get my shit together.  I was glad I was there.  It is still nice to hear the fun even if you aren't part of it.  I did manage to completely drop the ball when it came to Father's Day.  I felt like a total ass.  I just couldn't get anything prepared, go anywhere, or do anything.  I owe the hubs so much more than one day recognition but it is an absolute kick in the teeth when I couldn't even manage that.  He always says he understands and I pretty much believe he does. He's just so understanding and good that  my crazy brain makes me wonder if he is really one of those guys from a Lifetime movie and is going to just snap! HAHAHAHA! That was totally for his benefit because he always harasses me about the crazy stuff I watch on t.v.

   Back to home and ready for a fun filled summer.  I'm not going to lie. I'm kind of nervous.  I've never been on all these meds.  I've never had a flare go on this long.  All I want to do is be able to keep up with these boys and enjoy the little bit of warm weather we get in the mitten state.  The sun has never given me issues before but I've never had so many issues before.  I do not want my boys to remember this as the summer that mom was sick.  So, I won't let that happen! If it means huge floppy hats and bug eye sunglasses, I'm going to be that girl! I may even find some friends to follow me around and take my picture. People will think I'm a celeb or something! Or not! Either way, I'm just going to keep on keeping on til August 30th when I see the "new ,latest, and greatest" rhuemmy! Maybe he can fix me, since apparently a nap won't!

Take Care of You...

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  1. <3 Thank you for keeping us updated. I love reading your blogs!! Praying for you!!