Friday, July 19, 2013

Lupus Funk is not welcome here....

     Fuck that Funk!  Well, that's what I'm going with for now.  And by now, I mean right now! I'm living in the moment. I finally drug my plumper than should be ass out of bed.  I've been laying in my bed wallowing in swollen self pity about the nasty humidity, oppressive heat and the grief it is causing me! The hubs has been doing pretty much, it all! Finishing up the remodeling, running kids, making sure the dogs and kids have food etc...( Yes, I know he's all that and heaven too. Please, I hear it enough!) As I was laying there watching Wicked Women I decided that it was time to just say fuck it! Get out the bed, big girl and get your shit done! It isn't going to do it self!

     See, the thing is, the one person who probably knows me better than my mother-shucking sister, is having a baby. She is my Greek goddess. She taught me how to open a combination lock in 6th grade and we were bonded for ever. I had to get out of this house and buy her little spanakopita (spinach pie for the Greek challenged) a gift. It couldn't be breast feeding pads or baby puke cloths. I had to do this myself. It needed to be from me and have my touch!  I did it.  While I was out, sweating my ass off, I also bought myself a little something to wear. It wasn't anything special and it sure is hell not the size I want but if I don't feel good in the skin I have right now, how will I ever start working on getting where I want?

     As of right this moment, I have a lot of things going through my mind.  I'm having some more intense Lupus symptoms flaring up along with the Chron's.  I've got my mind set on fighting through some of this fatigue and taking back the time I spend in bed.  I need to focus on my diet, exercise, and inner health.  Not to get all, crunchy granola on any body but I'm thinking getting back to as much organic as possible and very close to vegetarian minus some fish and an occasional filet mignon.  I also need to find the energy to get my run on.  It makes me such a calmer person.  I feel so strong when I run and even stronger when people are shocked that I run with Lupus.  Enough of my rah rah rah self-cheerleading! I just like to share, for those who have Lupus and for those that don't. You can always start over and change yourself!

     I figure I should wind this long winded all about me blog up! I have a busy day tomorrow.  I get to see my Greek Goddess and all my girls from high school and college. We get to drink Bloody Mary's and champagne toasts til we are silly and make her jealous! I also have convinced the Greek to let me take some pics of her belly! There is nothing as beautiful as a pregnant woman and her belly. I did it 4 times and never had one picture! So, I'm absolutely thrilled to think I can give her that.  Ahhh, the beer and sentiments of the evening are getting to me!  It's time to call it quits!

Take Care of You....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Lupus Funk.....

     Dusting off the cobwebs and scaring the dust bunnies off this computer, because it's been quite sometime since I've had anything to say!  Most people would say that's a big fat lie! I'm always running off the mouth about one thing or another. Just lately I feel like I lost my "umph" to make light of or poke fun at Lupus or myself.  Or even other asshats around me.  It's so not me.  I think I have a Lupus funk!  And aside from the other shittastic things that Lupus does to me now it has given me this.

     I would clinically describe the Lupus funk as the inability to find  one single thing to give a fuck about!  I don't give one fuck that the Royal baby is over due.  I give even less fucks that the montage of reject female pop stars are shaving heads and piercing their lady bits! And least of all I have run out of every fuck I have to give, when I listen to "friends" complain about their first world problems as if the world will end if you were fifteen minutes late to work because there was a back up at the drive through to get your non-fat soy mocha-sucka-latte!  That is the Lupus Funk.

     I think I caught the Funk this weekend.  I very much enjoyed myself. We went to a food truck rally and tried amazing little bites of all kinds of amazing foods and sweets on Friday night. Then Saturday morning  I got to watch the Little play ball and drink my morning coffee.  Followed up by an impromptu garage sale/BBQ/pool party with the whole fam damily and my besties Lu & Opie! We had such a blast! I was a good girl. I stayed in the shade as much as possible, at well, and didn't over serve myself beer.  But sure as shit, the Funk got me.

   It's over a 100 degrees here with the heat index and equally as humid.  My hands are swollen like sausages ready to burst. My joints are screaming for me to just lay still cause the weight of my plump ass makes them miserable.  I have ulcers in my nose and mouth.  All I want to do is lay in bed and feel sorry for my Funky self  with my monster dogs who also hate the heat ( thank goodness for a king size bed)!  I feel funky and I don't give a fuck who knows it! But that really is a big fat lie.

     While I lay here watching Southern Fried Homicide, the hubs and the spawn are off to the besties to swim, BBQ, and drink icy cold beverages.  I want to do it.  I need to do it.  I need to get off my ass and go enjoy all of it!  But I'm afraid to make the Funk mad! Will it get worse? Will I be even more funky tomorrow? I can't decide but the itty bitty part of my sappy side can't stand to miss out on the boys in the pool and hanging out with my friends! Hmmmmm, what to do?  I think I will take a shower and think on it. Check back in tomorrow and I'll let ya know who won.  Me or the Funk!

Take Care of You.....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If at first you don't suceed.....

     Apparently, I am a glutton for punishment or a dare devil. It's whatever side you  look at it! We are headed back to the lake with the entire fam damily!   It's America's Independence Day so why should I miss out on all the festivities. Nothing says a good time like the Oldest being miserable with forced family fun, the others yelling when are we going to get there , and me with the butterflies in my belly! I don't want to be sick.  I don't want to get sun burned.  I don't want to miss out on the fun! I'm just a touch nervous. Not to mention, I have to squeeze my large ass into a swim suit! Woohoo!

    I'm heading out tomorrow to buy the biggest hat I can find and I've packed every sunscreen with in a 5 mile radius! I'm going to rock this shit! After the week I have had, I damn well deserve it!  First, the major irritation of my Mistakiest Mistake* and his clan throwing a hillbilly hell of a shin dig and involving my 2 oldest spawn, making them miserable, in turn, making me miserable. Second, we decide on a whim to redecorate the entire main living space of our house.  Nothing says "too close for comfort" like 6 people and 2 massive beasts with no living space furniture! We all hate each other, pretty much. Well, hate is a strong word but none of us want to have any delay in the process of getting back to normal! And lastly, third, I just want to enjoy the Summer. By this time last year I had my white-girl BeyoncĂ© going. I was all shades of tan with fake ass blonde hair and big butt. In my mind, I looked like BeyoncĂ© but most important we were having fun and I felt good! I want to have fun and feel good!

     I'm keeping this one short and sweet because I have to get back to packing! I'm also bringing my running stuff.  I think maybe I have lost my damn mind! I think I'm going to boat, sun, play, and run! Who knows, maybe it will work out! Or it won't and I'll have hilarious stories of my misadventures.  Either way, I'm in 100% and ready to get my toes in the water and ass in the sand! Hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday or weekend, which ever you choose to celebrate! I'll be celebrating everything even if it is just that  I made it through the mini get away without selling the boys to an Amish farm!

Take Care of You....

* Mistakiest Mistake will be explained in a later blog for those who do not know.